Jerry Crabtree Scholarship

Cost should not be a barrier to youth working to develop self respect, character, leadership and friendship.  We also recognize that, as scouts, we are obligated to “help other people at all times.”  The Jerry Crabtree Scholarship was established to assist scouts who through whatever reason have need of assistance.

Mvc-126fSkipper Crabtree was a founding skipper of one of the NCAC’s largest Sea Scout ships.  He was an instrumental founder of many of the great inter-ship programs that have evolved into Area and Regional events over the years.  His service and mentorship across Sea Scouts BSA is recognized in naming this scholarship for him.

Scholarship applications open 8 weeks prior to a FOSSOM sponsored event.

Applicants should allow for a minimum of 2 weeks for the FOSSOM board to review the application.  Applications are held in strictest confidence.  Most people, at one point or other, have been in a place in life where funds were just too tight.  No scout should ever refrain from asking for help.  To offer help to others is a Scouting value.  Help cannot be given if it is not requested.

The FOSSOM Board is honored to have the opportunity to help our scouts.

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